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Suicide Bunny

suicide-bunny-logo1Suicide Bunny has created new e-juice’s that are not only delicious but complex as well. The creation of these juices are art created from a mixture of e-juices. In each e-juice there is an amazing flavor, you are able to feel the passion when using these product. Just because the flavors are complex and full of flavor, does not mean that they are too overpowering. Suicide Bunny products are smooth and pleasing. Suicide bunny has only premium e-liquids, there products are high in quality, the taste will explode in your mouth, and they have a strong commitment to make their customers happy.

Suicide Bunny Mothers Milk e-juice is one of the best flavors produced by this company, though anyone can find a product which satisfies their individual taste above all.

Suicide Bunny has amazing products that stand out especially when it comes to the image of their company.

They create logos on each bottle that make their products interesting and different. Suicide Bunny has a variety of different levels that their clients can choose from, such as; cake, cream, milk, mixed fruit, strawberry, banana, sweet cream, melon, snicker doodle, cinnamon, and so on. Each flavor is unique. They put a blind of flavors together to create the perfect solution for their customers. The company provides products that have a VG percentage of 70 percent to 79 percent, and their products come in 30 ml and 120 ml.

Suicide Bunny has some incredible products that will blow your mind, sometimes it can be difficult to choose just one, and this is why it is important to try all products. When you try out all the products you are able to determine which ones are for you. Suicide Bunny has products such as; Madrina, Derailed, Mother’s Milk, Sucker Punch, and The O.B. Each one has something different to offer and each one is pleasantly satisfying.

The Madrina is known to be one of the customer’s most favorite juice that Suicide Bunny has to offer. This juice has two primary flavors; cream and melon. The liquid’s base is cream and then it has hints of melon that is tucked into each layer in the juice. This liquid is known to be sweet, but not too sweet, so it does not overpower the customer. Going with this e-juice will not disappoint you. It is a fans favorite choice. Customers state that this product is enchanting, due to what it has to offer them. The mixture of cream and melon is mind blowing. Melon is a flavor that is floating around often when it comes to e-juice, but those flavors have nothing on the melon flavor Suicide Bunny has to offer. Customers state that the flavor is very fresh and clean, but also has the hint of cream which is extremely satisfying.